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本文摘要:乔布斯,the late apple首席执行官,Famously said that a course in calligraphy he dropped in on at reed college instilled in him an aesthetic that inspires苹果公司(Apple)的弟弟CEO史蒂夫乔布斯在母校里德大学(Reed Colly)发现他在第一代Macintosh电脑上使用了多种字体和字体,最终被整个个人电脑行业接受,这部分美学科学知识给


乔布斯,the late apple首席执行官,Famously said that a course in calligraphy he dropped in on at reed college instilled in him an aesthetic that inspires苹果公司(Apple)的弟弟CEO史蒂夫乔布斯在母校里德大学(Reed Colly)发现他在第一代Macintosh电脑上使用了多种字体和字体,最终被整个个人电脑行业接受,这部分美学科学知识给了他灵感。(威廉莎士比亚、温斯顿、电脑名言)(“if I had never dropped in on that single course in college,the MAC would have never had”)“and since windows just copied the MAC,It ' s likely that no personal computer would have them。

”jobs went on to say that it didn ' t become apparent until much la ter how that sing Acted the " wonderful typography " of personal computers“of course it was impossible to connect the dots looking forward when I was is”he said。“but it was very,very clear looking backwards ten years later乔布斯在2005年斯坦福大学毕业典礼的演讲中回答说:“自从微软Windows模仿Mac以后,所有个人电脑都可能有这样的字体界面。”乔布斯说,运气好的时候才意识到那堂书法课对个人电脑“多彩的布局”产生了多么大的影响。

“当然,我上大学的时候,不可能把未来的这些点串在一起。”他说:“但是十年后总结这一切的时候,这一切都一目了然。”as Google CEO Larry page looks backward,He ' s realizing how much his musical education inspired critical elements of Google-especially“insome sense I feel like music training lead to the high-speed legacy of Google for me,”page said during a recent interview with fortune。

“in music you ' revery cognizant of time . time is like the primary thing。“最近佩奇拒绝接受《财富》 (Fortune)杂志采访时回答说:“在音乐上,你应该对时间有非常明确的了解。

”时间基本上是最重要的。”Page,who grew up in Michigan,played saxophone and studied music composition while growing up。during college at the university of Michigan He developed a business plan for a company that would use software to build a music synthesizer . that project佩奇在密歇根州长长大,在密歇根大学上学时,他利用软件为生产音乐合成器的公司制定了事业计划书。

在这个拒绝软件动力学的项目中,他惊讶地发现大部分计算机软件不存在的遗漏。(威廉莎士比亚,温斯顿,软件,软件,软件,软件,软件,软件)“it ' s amazing to the extent I think that modern operating systems are terribbute“if you think about it from a music point of view,if you're a percussionist,you hit something,it's got to Fractions of a second。”“太神奇了。



”page ' s speed obsession was baked into Google goog-0.28% from day one . page believed,and la ter measured,That the faster Googleto this data Atop the search results page,Google tells users how long it took to find answers to a query . search for " Larry page and speed "佩奇确信谷歌搜索引擎返回搜索结果的速度越慢,使用频率越高。他随后开始测量。



(威廉莎士比亚、温斯顿、搜索名言)搜索拉里佩奇和速度(Larry Page and speed)时,第一个搜索结果的链接上方不会显示“约21,100,000个结果(需要0.47秒)”。During product demos,page is known to count in his head and complain if he thinks a product is slow . when Google developed the Chrome web browss It wit佩奇对速度的影响远远超过谷歌本身。2010年,谷歌在排序搜索结果时开始考虑网站的阅读速度。

因此,世界各地的网站管理员不得不优化网页阅读速度。the whole internet may be faster because of him,but that doesn ' t mean page is satisfied。


因此,整个网络可能会加快,但这并不意味着佩吉不合适。”it ' s amazing to the extent to what software developers kind of get lazy,and they ' reokay with things taking a while,“page said .”but it's really not okay。“after a short chuckle,Page added 3360”people can process information really quickly . and if your phone is sluggish or whatever,if.佩吉说。


“人们可以很慢地处理信息。如果电话性能不好或有其他问题,那就是个大问题。”page may have not relaxed his exacting demands for products to work in real time . but since He took over as CEO in 2011,He began insisting that Google佩吉可能还没有放松对产品动态工作的要求,但2011年他继承了公司的CEO后,他开始让谷歌专注于另一个关键因素——美学。这也是音乐教育带给他的启迪。

page determined that beautiful design and speed no longer needed to be at odds,and he pushed his engineers and product managers to focus a newfirst focused on Google ' s search page,and later touched virtually every other Google service . since then,Visual design has become an inince页面坚信美学设计和速度不矛盾,敦促工程师和产品经理为谷歌的所有网络产品销售新的优雅设计,谷歌内部称该项目为肯尼迪项目(Project Kennedy),最初谷歌的搜索页面很多,后来与谷歌的所有其他服务完全相关。从此,视觉设计成为研发过程的核心部分,特别是移动应用。

“I do think there is an important artistic component in what we do,”he said。“as a technology company I ' ve tried to really stress that。”page says he learned to appreciate that " artistic company他表示:“作为一家技术公司,我仍然想特别强调这一点。

”佩奇说,他学会了在一定程度上喜欢“艺术成分”。Now,Page ' s interest in music has taken a new turn . how it will impact Google,if at all,Remains to be seen。“the last couple of years I ' ve been trying to learn percussion a bit,which has been challenging,”虽然对He Said Google没有任何影响,但仍然需要仔细观察(如果有影响最近几年在努力学习打击乐器,这很没有挑战性。